V-Malaysia 2020: I Am Because We Are

Humanity is a quality we owe to each other. For V-Malaysia 2020, our theme is centered on the African philosophy of Ubuntu, most commonly translated as I Am Because We Are.

Closely tied to our vision of RYTHM or Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, this year’s theme asks us to take a deeper look into the relationships that we have built and how our interconnectedness empowers us to make the world a better place for future generations to live in.


RYTHM in Action

Our core DNA of RYTHM or Raise Yourself To Help Mankind speaks for our vision to change the world through love, compassion, and service.

Here’s how The V family delivers our vision into action.



Get ready to experience the highly anticipated, life-changing magic of V-Malaysia 2020.



See how the connections and relationships we have built empower us to make the world a better place through care, service, integrity, and our vision of RYTHM.



Registration Guidelines for V-Malaysia 2020

V-Malaysia 2020: Visa Guidelines

V-Malaysia 2020: the Application for InService is Officially Open!
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Frequently Asked Questions!

Got any questions? Check out these frequently asked questions which we’ve compiled for you.

Enjoy a hassle-free registration experience. Make sure you come prepared when you register on 31 March 2020 at the Setia SPICE Arena for V-Malaysia 2020.

Registration Guidelines:

  1. Tickets will only be released to the ticket owner. Proxy or group collections are strictly prohibited. The same protocol shall be observed for convention kits.
  2. For verification purposes, ticketing counters will require a copy of your passport and confirmation letter or payment invoice.
  3. Purchased tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Transfer Ticket cases will not be accommodated.
  4. There will be no issuance of a refund, a new ticket, or a wristband once they have been collected. You are required to purchase again in cases of loss or replacement.
  5. A penalty of Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 200.00 will be charged for replacement of damaged wristband due to carelessness of the owner.
  6. Please ensure to activate your debit card or local bank card for international transactions before you are travel out of your country. AMEX cards will not be accepted for ticket purchase.
  7. For those who purchased tickets online and did not receive payment invoice and confirmation letter via email, please proceed to the special counter. Bring proof of payment such as bank record and card used for purchase.
  8. It is highly encouraged for IRs to purchase V-Malaysia 2020 tickets prior to closing date of the registration. This will be a big help in dealing with the Malaysia Immigration Department and smooth ticket collection process on site.

    Terms and Conditions for Ticket Purchase

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  1. For Registration, bring one (1) valid ID together with a copy of the confirmation letter that will be sent to your email right after the purchase of your ticket.
  2. Allocate sufficient budget for pocket money that would sustain you for 5 days. Make sure you have enough to spend on food, drinks, transportation, merchandise, souvenirs, etc. Make sure to have your money either in USD or MYR.
  3. Clothes good for 5 days. As it is extra warm in Penang, Malaysia around this time, expect that the air-conditioning inside the arena would be extra cool. If you easily feel cold, bring a jacket or shawl you can easily layer over your comfy clothes.
  4. Take a phone camera with you to make your precious memories last. Upload them on the V-Malaysia 2020 mobile app feed so you can share with your fellow participants and future prospects when you go back home.
  5. Kindly bring your own medication and supplements.
  6. Don't forget to bring a pen and paper to keep track of what you'll learn during the sessions!

Please make sure that you are personally present at the registration to claim your wristband. Collection of wristbands/tickets via a representative will not be entertained and is strongly discouraged. There will be no issuance of a refund or a new ticket/wristband once they have been deemed collected. You are required to purchase again in cases of loss or replacement.

Yes. Only transactions made through cash and credit card will be accommodated.

No. The 5-day program we prepared for you is something that should be attended from Day 1 to 5 for a complete life-changing experience. It is a comprehensive and holistic event with an action-packed line-up of activities that are highly essential for your business.

V-Malaysia 2020 Wristbands/Tickets
  1. Your V-Malaysia 2020 wristbands are non-transferrable.
  2. Claiming of wristbands/tickets via a representative is strongly discouraged.
  3. There will be no issuance of a refund or a new ticket/wristband once they have been deemed collected.
  4. You are required to purchase again in cases of loss or replacement.
Special Needs

To make your V-Malaysia 2020 experience more convenient, we offer special arrangements for participants with disabilities. Please inform us at least 10 days in advance if you need certain equipment (e.g., wheelchairs) or special transportation arranged.

Before you head out to V-Malaysia 2020, make sure you have the following requirements for a smooth and easy transit:

  1. Please use the passport of your nationality;
  2. Apply for a ‘Social Visa’ indicating your attendance to a ‘convention’
  3. MUST apply visa fourteen working days before date of travel;
  4. A copy of your return flight ticket in a physical form to be ready-at-hand at point of entry
  5. Proof of funds; you should have at least USD 500 CASH in hand upon request of the Immigration officer;
  6. Proof of accommodation; a copy of your hotel confirmation should be provided to the Immigration Officer;
  7. A printed copy of the visa should be in hand upon request by the Immigration Officer
  8. A printed copy of the invitation and/or confirmation letter should be available in hand; and
  9. Proof of yellow fever vaccination shall be in hand by all African citizens entering Malaysia.
  10. Passport must be valid at least 6 months before the travel date.
  11. Any participant holding a torn or damaged passport will not be allowed entry.
  12. Dress code: Professional/Corporate at point of entry.
  13. Participants from Egypt need approval from their relevant authorities to leave the country.

Contact Us

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